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noiembrie 9

Desi am zis ca eu nu o sa ma bag prea mult in asa ceva pentru ca si eu fac greseli si nu e bine sa arunci cu pietre cand stii ca tu nu esti fara vina dar asa ceva e prea mult:

BRAVO si iar BRAVO ziaristilor de la Gandul in primul rand pentru impecabila limba romana si apoi celor de la Ziarul Financiar si celor de la care au preluat fara macar a citi ce zice articolul respectiv. Este chiar atat de greu sa face un acord acolo? Este atat de greu sa recitim ce am scris? Hmm … daca raspunsul e da mai bine nu mai scrieti.

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Curs limba germana 1

noiembrie 4

Ich – Eu

Du – Tu

Er – El         Sie – Ea       Es – forma de neutru a persoanei a III a sg.

Wir – Noi

Ihr – Voi

Sie – Ei/Ele



Ich bin – Eu sunt

Du bist – Tu esti

Er/Sie/Es – ist – El/Ea este

Wir sind – Noi suntem

Ihr seid – Voi sunteti

Sie sind – Ei sunt


Wo bist du? – Unde esti? / Ich bin in Berlin – Sunt in Berlin!

Wo ist das Auto ? – Unde este masina ? / Es ist in Berlin – Este in Berlin.


Wo – unde

das Auto – masina


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English Lesson – Prepositions

noiembrie 3

ON – prep. atop; as a part of; toward; from
ABOVE – prep. over; higher than; more than
1. a tiny window above the door: OVER, higher (up) than; on top of, atop, on, upon.

2. those above the rank of Colonel: SUPERIOR TO, senior to, over, higher (up) than, more powerful than; in charge of, commanding. must be above suspicion: BEYOND, not liable to, not open to, not vulnerable to, out of reach of; immune to, exempt from.
4. the Chinese valued pearls above gold: MORE THAN, over, before, rather than, in preference to, instead of.
5. an increase above the rate of inflation: GREATER THAN, more than, higher than, exceeding, in excess of, over, over and above, beyond, surpassing, upwards of.

UNDER – prep. below, beneath; less than; controlled by; according to; in the process of; during the period of authority of
1. they hid under a bush: BENEATH, below, underneath.
2. the rent is under £250: LESS THAN, lower than, below.
3. branch managers are under the retail director: SUBORDINATE TO, junior to, inferior to, subservient to, answerable to, responsible to, subject to, controlled by.
4. forty homes are under construction: UNDERGOING, in the process of.
5. the town was under water: FLOODED BY, immersed in, submerged by, sunk in, engulfed by, inundated by.
6. our finances are under pressure: SUBJECT TO, liable to, at the mercy of.

BELOW – prep. under

1.the water rushed below them: BENEATH, under, underneath, further down than, lower than.
2. the sum is below average: LESS THAN, lower than, under, not as much as, smaller than.
3. a captain is below a major: LOWER THAN, under, inferior to, subordinate to, subservient to.

NEXT TO – prep. beside, near, by

NEAR – prep. close to; in the vicinity

1. a hotel near the seafront: CLOSE TO, close by, a short distance from, in the vicinity of, in the neighbourhood of, within reach of, a stone’s throw away from;


AT – prep. in, on, near; indicating time or location; toward

1. expressing location or arrival in a particular place or position.
2. expressing the time when an event takes place.
3. expressing attendance of an educational institution or a workplace.
4. denoting a particular point or segment on a scale. referring to someone’s age.
5. expressing a particular state or condition. expressing a relationship between an individual and a skill.
6. expressing the object or target of a look, shot, action, or plan. expressing an incomplete or attempted action.
7. expressing the means by which something is done.

IN -  prep. into; within; inside; inward

1. she was hiding in a wardrobe: INSIDE, within, in the middle of; surrounded by, enclosed by.
2. he was covered in mud: WITH, by.
3. he put a fruit gum in his mouth: INTO, inside.
4. they met in 1921: DURING, in the course of, over.
5. I’ll see you in half an hour: AFTER, at the end of, following; within, in less than, in under.
6. a tax of ten pence in the pound: TO, per, every, each.

TO – prep. toward; for; in contrast with; in order to

1.expressing direction or position in relation to a location, point, or condition. chiefly Brit. (in telling the time) before (the hour specified).
2.identifying the person or thing affected.
3.identifying a relationship between one person or thing and another. indicating a rate of return: ten miles to the gallon.
4.indicating that two things are attached.
5.governing a phrase expressing someone’s reaction: to her astonishment, he smiled.
6.used to introduce the second element in a comparison.
7.placed before a debit entry in accounting.

FOR – prep. to; in order to; in favor of; about, regarding; because; during, during the span of; in consideration of; on behalf of

1. in favour of.
2.affecting or with regard to.
3.on behalf of or to the benefit of.
4.having as a purpose or function.
5.having as a reason or cause.
6.having as a destination.
7.representing. exchange for. charged as (a price). relation to the expected norm of.
10.indicating the extent of (a distance) or the length of (a period of time).
11.indicating an occasion in a series.


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Lista prepozitii in limba engleza

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